Rainbows year in review

We asked our brilliant Rainbow leaders to write a review of what their unit had been up to in 2019. Take a look below to find out what they said!! 

2nd Lossiemouth Rainbows

The 2nd Lossiemouth Rainbows have made a variety of crafts over the year including tie dying a bag, time machines, puppets and entered crafts from reused computer parts into Lossiemouth Flower Show. We have enjoyed activities from the Seahorse Challenge, Network Stage 1, Innovate Stage 1, as well as the Thinking Day Leadership badge. We have celebrated Pot of Gold Parties with a Rainbow colour theme, a Unicorn theme and a tent-tastic night. We had a fantastic time on the County pantomime trip too.

1st Burghead Rainbows


1st Burghead Rainbows have worked hard all year, learning lots of new skills through craft activities. Their main focus has been to earn badges. They most enjoyed carrying out their Innovate Stage 1 badge. Lots of the Rainbows love the new programme and have completed interest badges. They get to show off their hard work at meetings to the other Rainbows.

1st Hopeman Rainbows


This year 1st Hopeman Rainbows have started the new programme and have had lots of outdoor activities. We ended the term with a visit to Pets at Home and our annual BBQ with the Hopeman Brownies and Guides.

1st Duffus Rainbows

In September, we said goodbye to three girls moving up to Brownies and welcomed three new girls to our unit. In October, we planted bulbs in our Rainbow garden and they looked beautiful in the spring. In November, we created our own poppies using red handprints and crumpled black tissue paper. They were used to decorate Hopeman Memorial Hall for the annual Remembrance Day Service where our Rainbows joined other Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. 

In December, the Rainbows went to Eden Court with other Moray Guiding members to see the pantomime ‘Jack and the Beanstalk' – lots of very excited girls.

In January, Duffus Rainbows started the new Rainbow Programme. One highlight was taking part in a Rainbow Sleepover” (pretend) in the Duffus Village Hall for an hour and a half. The girls wore their pyjamas, slippers and dressing gowns/onesies and brought along sleeping bags, pop up tents and torches to add to the authenticity of the evening. The girls participated in yoga, learnt a bedtime lullaby, had a bedtime story and hot chocolate and then it was time to go home to their own beds. A second highlight was taking part in a ‘Digital Detox’ activity with their family. The girls were encouraged to try to spend a whole day, if possible, with their family, without using any digital devices, including; TV, tablets, handheld consoles and mobile phones. Some of the activities they did included playing board games with their friends and family, making gifts, baking, trying new sports, reading, visiting new places, going to the beach. Their families then sent a photo to share with the other Rainbows. This was very successful and all the girls achieved this challenge. A number of families said they might try to continue it on a monthly basis. In February, the girls met other Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts for a Thinking Day Service at Hopeman Church of Scotland. The Rainbows created and sang their own Duffus Rainbow song which had the theme of ‘togetherness’. In the summer term the girls were given the challenge of changing their Rainbow garden in the grounds of Duffus Church. The girls collected and brought in stones from home and painted and decorated them to represent flowers, bees, ladybirds and butterflies.The Rainbows are delighted with their transformed garden and the lovely thing about this type of garden is it won’t need watered and so should always look bright and colourful. 

The girls have really embraced their new Rainbow programme and were delighted to receive three badges for achieving their ‘Be Well’ Theme Award. This resulted from completing their ‘Healthy Mind’ Interest badge, ‘Feel Good’ Stage 1 Skills Builder and 3 hours of related Unit Meeting Activities. It has been a busy but rewarding year for Duffus Rainbows and we are looking forward to the year ahead.

1st Keith Rainbows

1st Keith Rainbows have had another fun filled year. We held our annual sleepover in September, this year we had a travel theme with girls completing games, crafts and activities from the countries of each of the World Centres. We attended panto which got us all into the Christmas spirit. 

Our first Skills Builder badges were completed with girls choosing to do the pink communicate theme first. We also made time for some crafty and messy extras.   

In June, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Mary and her hearing dog Scott, and learned about how he helps Mary both in the house and outside. During question time the girls were keen to know how much Scott loves treats and they were able to give him a cuddle before he left. It’s been another great year and we’re looking forward to starting again after the summer holidays. 

1st New Elgin Rainbows

We have had a fantastic year with a very settled group of girls who have had great fun together. 

Rainbow assistant Claire and her daughter Eve, who is a Brownie, have brought us some fab craft ideas and some great games.

Our young leader, Erika, left us to go to university to become a music teacher and we heard she had become ‘student of the year’ we were very proud. 

We had two new helpers, Katie and Jaedyn who are Guides. They are great fun and the girls are enjoying having them with us. We have worked on some of the new badges and the girls have also completed some at home. 

Landward had a pyjama Sunday Fun Day and it was a great success, the girls had so much fun that they were disappointed when it ended.

We had a good time outside as well as inside, the girls found a tree that was just right for climbing.

The panto was loved by everyone and our end of year visit to the beach was such fun, lots of sandcastles, paddling and splashing and marshmallows to eat.

2nd New Elgin Rainbows


2nd New Elgin Rainbows re-formed in October 2018. What a first nine months it’s been. We have 10 amazing rainbows that have joined us between October and April. 

We seem to have crammed in a lot so far and it has been a huge and exciting learning curve for Hannah, the girls, and I.

We’ve done lots of arts and crafts, love playing games and have trying new things. We have had a couple of trips out and about too.  We took part in our first Landward District gathering, Pyjama Sunday Fun Day, had our first panto trip and took part in World Thinking Day. Phew, and that wasn’t even a full year, what will this year bring for 2nd New Elgin Rainbows...

1st & 2nd Elgin Rainbows

1st and 2nd Elgin Rainbows started 2018/2019 with a new leadership team as well as a large intake of new girls. The unit has continued to grow since then as we began working on the new programme and learning together what is means to be a Rainbow. 

Over the past year the girls have completed two Skill Builders and have been inspired to get stuck in to several interest badges including Booklover, Nature and Fruit and Veg. They have looked after Olivia, taking her to school, sports clubs and on holiday and in May we learnt about Mexico, USA and Canada by taking part in the ‘Jamboree in a Bag’ activities for the World Scout Jamboree where Olivia spent the summer.  

We have also managed to get out of the hall to visit the library and joined the rest of the Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers in the District Thinking Day event at Pinz in February. To finish off the year we visited the Fairy Village where the girls found gifts left by the fairies. We are looking forward to continuing to grow in 2019/20 completing more badges and getting out and about. 

3rd Elgin Rainbows


3rd Elgin Rainbows have had a busy year raising money for much needed funds towards the yearly panto trip and for musical instruments. In December, we held a joint raffle with 2ndElgin Brownies and managed to raise £355 between the two groups. We also collaborated on a recipe book with 2nd Elgin Brownies and raised £155. We also did a sponsored walk and raised over £350 when we managed to avoid getting soaked. We started the new programme in September 2018 and found new exciting badges to do and learn.

1st Lhanbryde & Urquhart Rainbows

1stLhanbryde and Urquhart Rainbows have had an amazing year. The group of girls are always willing to give things a go and always up for an adventure.

This year we achieved some great badge work whilst contributing to our local community.  Once again, we had some super items of handiwork to put forward to the Lhanbryde and District Gardening Club annual Flower show.  This was followed by a visit to Morayvia in Kinloss where the girls had a private tour of the helicopters, planes, fire trucks, and all the other amazing aspects of the museum. This contributed to the girls achieving their Vote 100 badge. 

The Remembrance Parade of 11thNovember in Elgin was well represented by 1stLhanbryde and Urquhart. 

Early 2019, the girls worked on their Beatrix Potter badge and this took us to visit Elgin library for a fun night of Potter treasure Hunt, folding bookmarks and listening to a story. 

The girls went on to achieve their Moray Spring and Summer badges with wonderful trips to our local Matheson’s farm, where we fedlambs, tried to count chickens (impossible), got a turn on a tractor to explore the pig farm. We even managed to get a turn in the driver’s seat.

A highlight for us was the realisation of our community garden at the entrance to Urquhart.  This has been discussed for a wee while and we finally have success. With some handmade wishing wells and recycled cans into flower pots, we asked Threaplands garden centre to help us fill them and they were more than happy to come out and work with the girls to make the garden a beautiful welcome to our village. What fantastic community work by our youngest members.

Our year finished with a unit outing to Roseisle forest with chips from the Ashvale chip shop in Elgin. Yum yum! We had a great night, getting wet in the ocean, decorating stones, toasting marshmallows in the fire pit and playing in the playpark. 

What a lot of personal growth and brave steps from all the girls of 1st Lhanbryde and Urquhart Rainbows.  

1st Cullen Rainbows

What a busy year 1st Cullen Rainbows have had. We have started the new programme trying and enjoying some UMA’s and Skills Builders. We have tried our hand at several crafts including making table decorations for our fundraiser and painting ornaments at the pottery shop at Christmas time. We enjoyed baking and learning new things. We had a visit from Pound Fitness which was very noisy and tiring, but the girls loved it. We have had parties for Hallowe’en and Christmas and had fun entertaining the community at our fundraiser. We visited a local farm and saw lots of animals and got out and about as often as possible to enjoy the good weather.

1st Fochabers Rainbows

Our girls have enjoyed an exciting and fun packed year gaining badges in Know Myself, Express Myself and Have Adventures allowing for many of the activities to take place outside – an informative and fun evening at the local fire station, building dens, bug hunting and treasure hunts to name a few.  

Some girls were also able to enjoy a wonderful trip to Mary Poppins in Elgin cinema meeting up with other Girlguiding groups. 

 A trip to Buckie Pottery allowed the girls to express themselves with their unique piece of art, and our recent sleepover in Buckie complete with toasting marshmallows, and making brownies was enjoyed by all.  

We celebrated Parliament week with 2nd Fochabers Brownies with games and activities – the girls had great fun pitching some new meeting ideas and voting for their favourite.  

The girls have travelled the world during World Thinking Day enjoying some delicious food, had messy, sticky fun making lots of crafts, carrying out exciting experiments, planted seeds and played lots of games.  

Most importantly, the girls made new friends, learnt about themselves and the world we live in, whilst having lots of great fun. 

1st Buckie Rainbows

1st Buckie Rainbows have had a busy year. We started working on the new programme which the girls have enjoyed. We have completed Healthy Minds and Express Myself and are currently working on Have Adventures. The girls have enjoyed making an indoor tent out of old sheets and mats. We had a joint Christmas party with the other two Rainbow units. We have also managed a few nights out at Pot of Lynn to play races and play with the parachute. A few of the girls attended Eden Court at Christmas time with our county annual trip which was enjoyed by all. We ended the year with a joint BBQ with the two other Rainbow units. Due to the weather we had to have this in the hall.

2nd & 4th Buckie Rainbows

Both units have had a really enjoyable year working on the new programme. We have managed to complete two Skills Builders and the girls have had fun working on interest badges, the favourites have been: Family Tree, Animal Lover, Storyteller, Drawing, Fruit and Veg, and Nature. The girls also enjoyed making dens and working on their Camper Theme Award this last term.

1st Forres Rainbows

1st Forres Rainbows started this year with an almost entirely new group, with only two of the older members not moving on. We’ve had a great time getting to know each other and learning about Rainbows and Girlguiding for the first term. We had a mass promise ceremony, with the two girls from the old group electing to renew their promise with the rest of the group. With all the parents and extended family there it was a lovely way to start their Guiding journey.

After the promise ceremony, we worked on our level one Express Myself and Have Adventures Skills Builders. As well as our normal badge work, last term a real polar explorer came in to show the girls his tent and explorer’s kit as well as some photos of his adventures. In preparation for his visit, we made penguin biscuits and kitchenless fudge, told stories that helped us to think about how we can look after the wildlife around us and played games dressing up for different types of weather. The girls also made tents, either side of a ‘river’ and had fun communicating across it. 

2nd Forres Rainbows

Celebrating their third birthday this year with a Peter Rabbit themed party, 2ndForres Rainbows continues to thrive.

An exciting Christmas themed day had the Rainbows making and baking lots of lovely Christmas treats. They attended the Girlguiding Moray trip to see Jack and the Beanstalk at Eden Court Theatre, a first for some, they had a great time cheering the goodies and booing the baddie!

The Rainbows became "planet protectors" when we did a beach clean, we looked at how we can help keep our beaches free from plastics and rubbish. The Spey Bay Dolphin Centre explained what the impact the rubbish on our beaches has on local wildlife.

We have embraced the new programme with gusto and the Rainbows have had a ball doing the Skills Builders and Unit Meeting Activities. They have had adventures, used their imagination and found out about the world around them. They made maps, developed their self-confidence through storytelling, learnt about the local environment and made puppets all to achieve Express Myself and Have Adventures theme Skills Builder awards.

Friendship and fun has really shone through our Rainbow programme. The girls show such enthusiasm each week enjoying the start of their Guiding journey. 

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